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The World's Best Building Products
As Chosen By Architects

Panama Rug by Armadillo, 2022 A+Product Awards Winner

A+Product Winner Resources

Celebrating Your Win

Ordering Your Trophy and Certificate

Why Your Achievement Matters

Expand the Reach of Your Achievement

Social Media

Fact Sheet


Celebrating Your Win

As an A+Product Awards Winner, your work has been selected as one of the top products in the world for your category and we encourage you to celebrate this standout achievement in more ways than one. See details below for all of the opportunities to celebrate this momentous occasion and for suggestions on how to promote your achievement to your community.

Ordering Your Trophy and
Winner Certificate

A+Product Awards Winners are entitled to a complimentary trophy. Information to personalize and order your trophy will be sent via email. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase additional personalized trophies for members of your team, clients or any others involved in your success.

A+Product Awards Winners are entitled to a complimentary digital certificate to commemorate their achievement. You may also order personalized printed certificates from the A+Awards store for your team, clients or collaborators. Your certificate and Awards store information will be sent via email.

Please note that trophies and printed certificates are custom made - please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery after placing your order. For any questions or if you do not receive details to place your order, please contact our team at productawards@architizer.com.

Why Your Achievement

Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Achievement

  • YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY AN INDUSTRY LEADER. As an Architizer A+Product Award recipient you have been identified as an industry leader for architecture and design worldwide.

  • IMPRESS YOUR CLIENTS. Whether it’s maintaining current clients or winning new business, “Architizer A+Product Awards Winner” validates your superior work and gives your clients and prospects the confidence they need to invest in your products

  • MAKE HEADLINES. Being an Architizer A+Product Award recipient offers countless publicity opportunities in national, local, and trade media, as well as internal communications and marketing materials.

  • SALUTE YOUR TEAM IN A BIG WAY. Your Architizer A+Product Award achievement allows you to recognize your valued employees for their accomplishments. There’s no better way to show them that you think their work is award winning than to share your A+ news with the world.

  • STAY CONNECTED. As an Architizer A+Product Award recipient, your work is eligible to be featured on Architizer.com and publicized by our partners. Keep your eye out for the 2024 A+Products list and other features showcasing this season’s winners.

Expand the Reach of Your Achievement

Don’t be shy about your Architizer A+Product Awards accomplishment!


Now is the time to promote your achievement – and your success – by doing targeted outreach to a wide-variety of national, local and online media.

Here are some tips of the trade:

  • Write and distribute a press release highlighting your award – you can develop and implement media campaigns to generate attention.
  • You should target news sites and blogs that cover your category or industry, as well as your hometown media.
  • Pitch yourself for a feature story at pertinent media outlets.
  • Use your A+ Achievement as a news peg for the media to cover your success, growth, and future plans.

In all your media outreach, you’ll want to include the key facts about Architizer A+Product Awards, which you can find in the Fact Sheet section below. If media need official Architizer logos and site badges those can be found in the Badges/Logos section below.

Send an announcement email to your network of colleagues, vendors, and customers to let them know about your award.

Have your team highlight their A+ Achievement in their email signatures.

There are dozens of blogs that cover the architecture and design industry and many companies run their own news pages. These online outlets are a great way to spread the word about your nomination.

Adding this honor to your company or personal bio will show potential clients and partners that your work is award-winning.

Social Media

Share news about your nomination on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more! It is a great way to share your A+ achievement.

Here are a few sample posts to get you started:
“Our product [product name] in the [category name] was selected a Winner in this year’s @Architizer A+Product Awards! Check it out: winners.architizer.com/2024/Products #ArchitizerProductAwards”

“Excited to win a prestigious @Architizer A+Product Award for our product [product name]. See our work at winners.architizer.com/2024/Products #ArchitizerProductAwards”

We love to hear about winners who are celebrating their achievement, so let us know what you’re doing by tagging us at @architizer and liking us on the Architizer Facebook Page.

Fact Sheet

All media love facts, numbers and statistics. Here are some media-friendly facts and statistics about the Architizer A+Awards to help strengthen your pitch for your story:

Key Dates:
April 29 – May 10, 2024: Popular Choice Award Voting.
June 3, 2024: Architizer A+Product Jury Winners and Popular Choice Winners Announced.

About Architizer:
Architizer’s core mission is to Empower Architects by connecting designers with building-product manufacturers, and via our inspiring content, awards programs, competitions and global reach spotlighting the world’s best architecture. We connect architects with the tools they need to build better buildings, better cities, and a better world.

About the Awards:
Every architect and designer knows it takes spectacular products and materials to make their designs a reality. The A+Product Awards honors the elements behind the globe’s most inspiring contemporary buildings — as chosen by the architects and design professionals that specify them every day.
Winning products and materials are selected by the AEC industry’s most renowned designers and are a true celebration of the best and most innovative building products worldwide.

Our 200+ member jury comprises industry leaders who are actively shaping the world we live in, representing a sought-after segment of design-savvy professionals. Each Winner and Finalist gets their products in front of the people who matter — including hundreds of specifying architects — and instantly confirms their position as one of the world’s most distinguished brands.

Judging Criteria:
Best in Product Type and Best of the Year Categories are judged on:

  • Aesthetics
  • Performance
  • Impact
See complete judging criteria here.


Click the links below to open the files in a new browser window. Right click and select "Save Image As..." to download the image as a PNG file. Please note: The background is fully transparent even though it may appear gray.

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A+Product Award Winner Badge - White

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