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The 2022

The World's Best Building Products
As Chosen By Architects

Embossed Acoustic Panel Series from Woven Image, distributed by Kirei, 2021 A+Product Award Winner

A+Product Categories

Great buildings rely upon both cutting-edge technology and materials that stand up to the test of time, so the A+Product Awards celebrate both. The following award categories speak to the design solutions that matter most to architects, including their most trusted products and the newest industry innovations. Categories are divided into two main groups:

The Best in Product Type categories

Celebrate the world’s best products across every vertical, each of which are pivotal in creating amazing architecture and inspiring spaces. The product type categories include categories for building systems, façades, openings, finishes, flooring, kitchen & bath, furnishings, and lighting. Submissions in these categories must be available to market by December 31, 2022 to qualify.

NEW for 2022 The Best of the Year categories

Designed to celebrate products at the top of their technical or typological class. Brands are invited to submit products that excel in their field, confirming their position an industry leader. Submissions in these categories must be available to market by December 31, 2022 to qualify.

Products can be entered into multiple categories across both of the above groups.

Best in Product Type

Best in Building Systems

  • Smart Design & TechnologyProducts with integrated technological elements, including smart devices. Entries can include smart home systems, lighting and sensors, AV equipment, home security, energy systems and building envelope technologies.
  • Building Equipment & SystemsProducts relating to the inner workings of a building, including but not limited to HVAC systems, plumbing, ducts, water recycling systems, M&E systems, photovoltaics, elevators and escalators. (Plumbing includes concealed pipework and other products; please submit visible fixtures and fittings in the Fixtures & Fittings - Bath category.)

Best in Facades & Openings

  • Building Envelopes, Cladding, & RoofingStructural and non-structural exterior wall products, cladding, roofing, and rainscreen panels made from any material, including but not limited to metal, wood, stone, masonry, concrete, terracotta, fiber cement and plastics.
  • Glass & GlazingAll architectural, low-e, birdsafe and switchable/dynamic glass, as well as framing systems, supports and fittings for curtain walls, structural glazing, storefronts and interior walls.
  • Windows & SkylightsOpenings including windows, roof windows/hatches and skylights (both fixed and operable); window and skylight hardware including latches, handles, locks, cranks, hinges and pivots.
  • Doors & Door HardwareOpenings for entrance and egress including doors of all styles and door hardware including latches, handles, locks, hinges and pivots.

Best in Finishes

  • Hard Surfacing, Tiles, & StoneAll finishes that utilize hard materials, including solid surface products, metal, wood and plastics. All small and large format tiles and slabs, including ceramic, porcelain, stone and other materials. Interior and exterior products for use on floors, walls, façades and roofs are eligible.
  • Walls & Wall CoveringsWall coverings for commercial or residential applications, including but not limited to wall panels and panel systems, acoustic panels and tiles, green or living walls, wallpaper, paints and coatings.
  • AcousticsAll types of architectural acoustic panels and sound insulating products, including freestanding partitions, baffles, panels integrated into walls and ceilings, furniture with sound-absorbing properties, and decorative art-based panels.
  • CeilingsIncludes whole ceiling systems, ceiling tiles and clouds for either commercial or residential settings.

Best in Flooring

  • CarpetCarpets designed for commercial or residential applications, including but not limited to modular carpet tile and plank, broadloom, area rugs and hybrid woven products are all acceptable.
  • Hard FlooringWood or engineered wood, LVT, resilient, terrazzo, regular and large-format tile with appropriate slip resistance for flooring applications, floor pavers, quartz composite, natural or engineered stone, metal.

Best in Kitchen & Bath

  • Fixtures & Fittings - KitchenFixtures and fittings for kitchen applications, such as faucets, taps and pot fillers, sinks, garbage disposals, water filtration systems, kitchen furniture and accessories.
  • Fixtures & Fittings - BathFixtures and fittings for bathroom applications, such as sink faucets and taps, tub spouts, faucet and tub filler handles and controls, sanitaryware including toilets, urinals, sinks and bathtubs; built-in elements such as shower bases and doors/enclosures. (Please submit lavatory sink cabinets into the Cabinetry & Millwork category.)
  • Cabinetry & MillworkAll built-in cabinetry for kitchen and bath settings including vanity cabinets, cook island cabinets and medicine/mirrored cabinets. This category also includes entire kitchen furniture systems.
  • AppliancesIncluding major household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, as well as small countertop appliances like coffee makers, toaster ovens and microwaves.

Best in Furnishings

  • Residential FurnitureNon-commercial grade furniture suited to residential settings, including tables, case goods, beds and dining pieces, and home office furniture including desks and storage.
  • Contract FurnitureCommercial grade furniture for use in corporate, hospitality, educational, healthcare, and other public settings. Furnishings may include individual and communal tables, desks, signage, case goods, mobile carts, shelving and other storage.
  • Outdoor FurnitureFurniture and systems rated for outdoor use in all public and private settings, including benches, deck and lounge chairs, dining tables, arbors, pergolas, trellises, playground structures, planters, bins, signage, umbrellas, cabanas, outdoor kitchens, fountains and fire pits.
  • Furniture SystemsCommercial and non-commercial grade systems, interior structures and furniture sets for use in residential, corporate, hospitality and public settings, including but not limited to partition walls and wall panels, dividers, multi-functional and modular furniture systems, large scale shelving systems, kiosks and meeting booths.
  • Contract SeatingCommercial grade seating for use in corporate, hospitality and public settings, including chairs, sofas, stools, workplace/office chairs and benches for both interior and exterior uses.
  • Residential SeatingNon-commercial grade seating suited to residential settings, including dining chairs, sofas, armchairs, recliners, loveseats, accent chairs, chaise longues, lounge and club chairs, home office chairs, benches and stools.
  • AccessoriesProducts that lend functional and decorative details to an architectural environment. Includes bath and tabletop accessories, soft goods such as pillows and throws, table and bed linens, stemware and dishware, wall art, frames and other decorative objects.
  • Fabric & TextilesFabric and textile products for commercial, residential, or outdoor applications, including upholstery and drapery textiles, window shade fabric, outdoor and awning textiles, tensile structure textiles and room/space division textiles (such as hanging felt panels and screens).

Best in Lighting

  • Pendant LightingCommercial and non-commercial interior lighting in suspended form, including multi-light, inverted, downlight, drum-shade and linear pendant lights.
  • Recessed & Mounted LightingCommercial and non-commercial interior lighting in recessed or mounted forms, including: troffers, reflector or wall washed trims, recessed LED or OLED panels, sconces, mounted ceiling lights, track mounted lighting, and other recessed or mounted fixtures for ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Decorative & Freestanding LightingDecorative luminaires of any scale, from distinctive wall sconces and table lamps to chandeliers and pendant clusters. Lighting for both residential and commercial uses are eligible. The diffusers, shades, housing or composition of these lights should be design objects that add to the built project.
  • Exterior LightingCommercial and residential lighting designed for outdoor uses, including step lights, path and street lamps, landscape spotlights, external façade lights, in-ground lights and utility lights such as motion-activated parking structure lights.

Best of the Year

  • Residential DesignThe Residential Design Award celebrates the world’s best products and materials used in residential applications. This includes both realized and conceptual products of all types, including building products, furnishings and materials that are designed for use in buildings such as:
    • Private residences
    • Multi unit residences
    • Apartments
    • Ancillary structures such as garden studios and sheds
    • Residential interiors
  • Commercial DesignThe Commercial Design Award is dedicated to the world’s best products and materials used in commercial applications. This includes both realized and conceptual products of all types, including building products, furnishings and materials that are designed for use in buildings such as:
    • Office buildings & interiors
    • Coworking spaces
    • Retail, showrooms & shopping centers
    • Pop ups & temporary commercial structures
    • Factories & warehouses
    • Hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, bars & nightclubs
    • Cultural & institutional buildings
  • Landscape DesignThe Landscape Design Award celebrates the world’s best products and materials used in landscape architecture and outdoor spaces. This includes both realized and conceptual products of all types, including building products, furnishings and materials that are designed for use in spaces such as:
    • Public outdoor spaces
    • Private gardens
    • Courtyards
    • Landscape master plans
    • Streetscapes
  • Sustainable DesignThe Sustainable Design Award celebrates products that are among the most sustainable in their field. This includes but is not limited to products that minimize or actively help reduce carbon emissions, highly energy efficient products, products that facilitate passive heating and cooling, products with a sustainable “cradle to grave” lifecycle and products that utilize locally sourced materials.
  • Flexible DesignThe Flexible Design Award celebrates products whose primary quality is adjustability, flexibility or modularity. This category is open to products of all types that have a flexible element, including but not limited to: modular furniture, flexible seating, customizable wall or acoustic panels, flexible façade and glazing systems, modular storage, and customizable or modular lighting.
  • InnovationThe Innovation Award is dedicated to products that are among the most innovative in their field. Contenders for the Innovation Award should be groundbreaking, pioneering products that set a precedent in their industry, breaking away from the conventions of their product type. Products that set a new benchmark for design and quality within their vertical stand the best chance of success in this category.
  • Architectural Design - NEW!The Architectural Design Award is dedicated to products that are integral to the building's envelope or structure. These are the products that enable architects to realize their creative vision. Eligible products include façade systems, cladding, glazing, windows and doors, roofing and flooring materials.
  • Positive Impact - NEW!The Positive Impact Award celebrates building products that do good for the environment or society as a whole. Eligible products include products that are designed to be accessible to communities of all socio-economic contexts, products that are expressly non-harmful to people and the environment, or the product of a business model with humanitarian or other socially ethical goals.
  • Health & Wellness - NEW!The Health & Wellness Award celebrates the world’s best products and materials used in health and wellness settings. Eligible products include those used in healthcare architecture, such as hospitals, clinics, medical centers and mobile or temporary healthcare facilities, and products used in wellness-related architecture such as spas, leisure centers, bathhouses, wellness retreats, and both commercial and non-commercial bathrooms.

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